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Mighty Fine on Google+“Great burgers, and milkshakes made the old fashion way. Always good services and food.” —Bert Campbell

Mighty Fine on Yelp“I’m a Fan! Nothing super special here but some good old fashion burgers, fries, and shakes! Everything was fresh and tasted great! The girl who took our order was very polite, talkative, and nice! We had a great time with our friends here and will be back every once and a while.” —Logan P.

Mighty Fine on Google+“If you are in a hurry but dont want to get a fast food burger come to mighty fine! one of the best burgers in Austin. The service and environment is perfect!” —Austin Kufrovich

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Mighty Fine is a place where you don’t have to judge the company by it’s name, but you could. Excellent food, affordable prices, and a family atmosphere make it a quiche, quirky little off shoot of the good people who opened Rudy’s BBQ. A must for out of state guests looking for a bit of Texas charm.” —Brett W.

Mighty Fine on Yelp“This place is solid. If I want a good quick burger, this is where I go. The menu is small but to the point. Each location also has a local menu. Their sweet tea, freshly squeezed lemonade, and handmade milkshakes are all refreshing. The hand wash is also a plus. It is a jacuzzi for your hands. FYI- they give you a $100 gift card if you get their license plate for your car. What a deal!” —Jimmy H.

Mighty Fine on Google+“I would encourage anyone that wants a genuine and good burger to go to Mighty Fine. The food is awesome, service is fast and everytime i leave i want to come back. Everything about this place is awesome!” —Brooke Traber

Mighty Fine on Facebook“My favorite place to get a burger in Austin is at Mighty Fine…they consider the gluten free folks! Yum! Yes it’s noon and I’m dreaming about a burger…fries…and sweet tea :)” —Sabrina Robertson

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Mighty Fine has the best customer service anywhere around. We are a family full of food allergies. The folks at Might Fine work hard to provide allergen free foods to their customers. They recently added gluten free buns to the menu and they are fantastic. The gluten free buns are firm with a good consistency and don’t turn to mush and fall apart while you are eating. The store is always clean, staff is helpful and friendly and the prices are comparable to other burger joints around.” —Christina D.

Mighty Fine on Twitter“I just had a cheeseburger at @mightyfinetx. I swear the burger gets tastier bite after bite. Hands down the best burger in #Austin!” —@ATXDude99

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Mighty Fine makes a great burger. They have great quality meat and it is freshly ground. Great customer service really shows here as well. Everything is kept clean, they are constantly checking tea so they never run out.” —Phillip M.

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Fun little spot when you’re in the mood for a burger and fries.” —Renee D.

Mighty Fine on Facebook“Loved having a gluten free burger with a bun. Thanks for stocking Udi’s buns!” —Beth Rogers Mohler

Mighty Fine on Yelp“I loved this place. Went for the first time last week. Burgers are simple and taste great but my favorite was the shake! I have been all over the world and am no stranger to a milk shake but this hit the top spot. Great Milk shake!” —Robert M.

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Just a great, simple burger. I typically enjoy more unique burgers with more than just your standard toppings, but this place makes the basic burger so well and so fresh and consistent, that it is still one of my favorite burgers, hands down.” —James V.

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Texas Hospitality at its very best. The burgers are juicy and fresh. The menu is numbingly simple. Especially handy when those hunger cravings take over.” —Peter J.

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Freshness and Consistent Excellence. You can tell this place strives to maintain high levels of quality. You can see how clean their refrigerator is because they have a big window showing the meat grinder and the crinkle cut fry cutter. Both locations I’ve been to are the same high quality.” —Ed W.

Mighty Fine on Twitter“it tasted awesome! Love your burgers and my kid loves to wash his hands in your sanitizing machine! #Ihavecleanhands” —@ObserveREACT

Mighty Fine on Twitter“Thank YOU for a great meal! Can’t wait to get back to Austin and enjoy your burgers and fries again! (And a shake, of course!)” —@Seededtable

Mighty Fine on Facebook“Making a spur of the moment decision to stop at your burger joint a year ago was one of the best decisions ever! You guys seriously know how to make a burger” —Riley Watkins

Mighty Fine on Twitter“Thank you @mightyfinetx for offering a gluten free bun! Best part-the bun doesn’t crumble! It was delicious!” —@FleityFilm (Anne Fleitas)

Mighty Fine on Twitter“Mighty Fine is easily the best burger in Austin. Two days in a row and might make it three tomorrow” —@CamGravelle (Cameron Gravelle)

Mighty Fine on Twitter“The burger was excellent and the employees were even better. That’s rare in this city. I’ll be back!” —@KatSwansey

Mighty Fine on Yelp“These guys never fail. Great burgers, great service, and the cleanest chain of restaurants I’ve ever seen.” —Shane M. (5/5 Stars)

Mighty Fine on Yelp“I do not like fast food but I LOVE THIS PLACE! Prices are reasonable, service is EXCELLENT, and the food is amazing and fresh (not greasy at all). I love that they keep it simple. Their motto is rather than doing many things average, do a few things perfect and I have to say they accomplish that. I am picky when it comes to milk shakes (I don’t like them too thick or too thin). When I get milk shakes I prepare myself to be disappointed, but Mighty Fine is always perfect (at least for my standards). They grind the meat at on site and have fresh cut fries. This is one of my favorite places to go!” —Kristen B. (5/5 Stars)

Mighty Fine on Yelp“This is an amazing burger place. Well-priced, delicious food, and it has a great atmosphere. From being able to see the cooks prepare your order to the green-friendly facilities and restrooms (I mean, the restroom has a two sided mirror… come on!), you won’t find a better experience looking for a great burger in Austin. Highly recommended.” —Brandon C. (5/5 Stars)

Mighty Fine on Foursquare“I like how they understand that no two people condiment the same way, and they make it easy. With jalapeños.” —Amber G.

Mighty Fine on Facebook“Honestly, I don’t know of a restaurant business where the staff are more friendly, more helpful or more courteous than Mighty Fine. They’re the biggest part of why I love the place so much. Also, they seem remarkably happy in their work – unlike the staff at many other places in that industry.” —David Fletcher-Holmes

Mighty Fine on Yelp“FIVE STARS! I love this place! So fresh and delicious. It’s like if you could go back into the 50′s and order a burger – THIS is what you’d get and I LOVE that. Classic burger, full of flavor.” —K H (5 Stars)

Mighty Fine on Yelp“Yummy burgers served with copious amounts of fries, free refills, and a playscape – mommy like. My son likes the chopped chili dog, too.” —Jen S. (5 Stars)

Mighty Fine on Facebook“Went for the first time this weekend and well it was so MIGHTY FINE we went back again the next day! LOL Thank you for the yummy burger, fries and shake!” —Ruby Marie Guzman

Mighty Fine on Facebook“You folks cook up a great burger but you also build a great house!” —Austin Habitat for Humanity

Mighty Fine on Facebook“Mighty Fine for dinner. Manager was super nice while we waited for super good food!” —Aaron Tyrrell

Mighty Fine on Twitter“@mightyfinetx lunch was great today, as usual. Your sea-salt fries made my day.” —@TaraKeely93

Mighty Fine on Twitter“Mighty Fine is the best burger place in Texas. #nuffsaid” —@Tateg5

Mighty Fine on Twitter“While at @mightyfinetx – Eva: I wish Mom or Dad knew how to make burgers like this!” -@ladyblayde