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Texas Hospitality

Texas Hospitality

Friendly: Encountering every guest, from the “hi” to the “goodbye” in a polite professional manner. Our team members smile and genuinely make you feel welcome.

Engaging: Maintaining guest focus, being aware of the environment, and anticipating their needs to create a memorable experience, not just another transaction. Our team members engage beyond transactional conversation to create a unique experience for each guest.

Authentic: To possess behavioral and personality traits that fit naturally into the K&N Culture. Our team members know our brand, people, product, and values. They are sincere and genuine in their actions.

Harmony: Aligning the thoughts, words, and actions of many to drive action toward one common mission and vision. Our teams work hard together and work towards one common goal, delighting guests.

Strong Work Ethic: The ability to turn constructive criticism into motivation, take initiative, promote productivity, and understand the importance of being punctual. Our team members show up on time, they work hard and take the initiative to delight guests.